By now, you've probably already heard us mention our sister app, Manage It.  Want to know the difference?  

Get It Done was designed around the Getting Things Done* methodology by David Allen.  
Manage It is designed specifically for team collaboration.  You have the flexibility to organize your project and lists however fits your team's needs.  (i.e. subtasks!!)
Team size
Great for individuals and small teams where you only share individual tasks.
Great for larger teams where you need to share all the tasks in a particular project.
Limited visibility with tasks you assign to people (you can see if the task was completed or edited).  You won't know how each team member organizes the tasks you assign them. (i.e. if it was moved to Next or Someday focus area).
Full visibility for all team members (for specific project or entire company level).  You would be working off the same list.
Features unique to each app
Focus areas - These are folders specific to GTD methodology*

Scheduling tasks - Schedule a task to be put in your Today folder on a specific day.

Tags - Each task can be assigned tag(s) to help with filtering and apply context.

Smart Groups - Save your favorite tag filter combination as a custom list.

  • Sharing is done at the task level.  You don't have visibility into how your team member organizes that task and they can't see how you organize your task.
  • One task is given to one person
Permissions - With an app that focuses on full visibility, we added a few permission levels to have some control over the level of exposure.

Calendar View - View all tasks in a daily/monthly/weekly/list view without leaving the app.

Subtasks - Create subtasks under subtasks under subtasks... Organize the list exactly the way you want to.

Effort - Track how long each task is expected to take.

History news feed - View your team activity in project news feed.

File view - See all projects files in one view

  • Sharing is done at the Project or Company level, depending on the permission set for that user.  
  • One task can be assigned to multiple people
$39/year for Personal Plan or 
$29/month for Team Plan
Starts at $10/month for 5 projects.  

* To read more about GTD, click here: Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology in a nutshell. You don't need to follow this methodology to use Get It Done but it would be helpful to understand why things are set up the way they are.