Get It Done is built with the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology by David Allen in mind. 

The super short version is this: You have just 4 focus areas you should divide your tasks into.  

  • Inbox - This is your dumping ground for all tasks that come up during the day here.  
  • Today - These are tasks you want to accomplish today
  • Next - These are tasks you want to tackle tomorrow or very soon
  • Someday - these tasks you want to do much later on

That's it.  The idea is that you try to keep your Inbox clear by the end of the day.  If the task is something that can be done really quickly (~5 minutes), just do it and don't bother filing it.  Everything else needs to be filed and you just focus on your tasks in Today.

For folks who just NEED another focus area, here's a trick: add a Person with no email address.  The person's name can be "On Hold" and voila!  You have a custom folder.  Read more about this tip here: how to add a Person to Get It Done.