This is useful if you are decluttering your account.

  1. Export all tasks to spreadsheet
    1. Select 'Import/Export' at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Select "Export to spreadsheet...".
    3. Select 'Download' to start the download of the csv file.
    4. With the export spreadsheet, you can delete any tasks you do not want. Save the file and we will import after we delete all tasks in the GTD.

  1. Delete ALL tasks in the account:
    1. Go to the Import button on the bottom right corner
    2. Choose Import from old Get It Done...
    3. Click on the Delete all data in this app button


        3. Import my tasks back into GTD:

                 a. Click on the "Import/Export" button at the bottom.

                 b.  Click on "Import from old Get It Done..."

                 c.  Login with your old Get It Done login. The email addresses for both old and new apps do not have to match.

                 d.  Click Import to start the process.



  • Scheduled tasks will be brought over but recurring tasks will not be imported because the format has changed. You will have to manually recreate them in the new Get It Done app.

  • Everyone in your People list will be sent an invitation email. It's the same email as they would get if they were added to Get It Done for the first time. After they join, you will see them in your People list.
  • Currently, attachments cannot be brought over to the new system. Please contact us to discuss alternatives for bringing the attachments over.