This is either a very stressful time or an exciting time for you (time to test out how organized you were this year).  Behold, the tax papers checklist!  This list has been mostly used by our own team members here at  Our hopes is that it will keep your paperwork organized when you visit your tax preparer or when you sit down to DIY it.  

Our company is based in USA so if you're from a different country, feel free to copy this template and modify it to be relevant to you.

If your tax situation is simple (i.e. #studentlife), consider filing your taxes online.  They are usually free and have error checkers.  

To import the personal tax return checklist (US) template.

  • Download the "personal tax return checklist (US).CSV" file below. 
  • Save the "personal tax return checklist (US).CSV" in CSV format locally.
  • Go to Get It Done app in your web browser 
  • Click on Import/Export at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Import from spreadsheet
  • Select the  "personal tax return checklist (US).CSV" file on your local drive.
  • You will see the tasks under Projects > Personal Tax Return Checklist (US).