An easy way to add tasks to your Get It Done account is to email them to the app.

To find your Get It Done email address:

  • Click on the "Import/Export" button at the bottom right of your screen
  • Click on "Email tasks to app" and read the directions in the dialog.  

Your special Get It Done email address will be listed in this dialog.  All you have to do is compose an email to your special Get It Done email address... (TIP: you can add attachments!!)

... and Get It Done's server will convert your email to a task.  These tasks will show up in your Inbox.  Attachments will automatically be included as well.

We suggest you put this email address in your address book so that any time you get an email which will require your attention, you can simply forward the message to your unique Get It Done email address and we automatically add the task for you (attachments and all)!