You can set up Get It Done to hide a task and then put it in your Today folder on a given day.  

  1. Open task that you want to schedule
  2. Tap on the Focus area
  3. Choose Scheduled
  4. A calendar will pop up.  Choose a date. 
  5. Hit the back arrow to close the task and save the changes

After that, on the date you selected in step 4, that task will be moved from the Scheduled folder into your Today folder. 

If you would like Get It Done to put a task in your Today folder every week or so, you just have to set the task to be recurring:

  1. Open task
  2. Tap on Repeat
  3. Set your repeat pattern (note: there is a "only if last task was completed" checkbox. This can be handy for tasks that car about when the last one was completed)