We are sorry to see you go.  Please feel free to come back to us at anytime.  Get It Done is a free app so feel free to keep using it.  Some features will be locked without a subscription but you will still have access to a lot of basic functionality.

Follow these steps to change your paid subscription plan to our Free Plan:

Note - Making changes to your billing plan can only be done on the iOS web app and the Android app.

  • Access 'Settings'from the bottom left hand side of your screen.

  • Under the 'Billing' heading select 'Get It Done':                                   
  • Select our 'Free Plan':

If you have any feedback on what you didn't like about the app, please let us know.  We are continually trying to improve our products, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  


In case you are still searching, we also have an app designed specifically for teams.  Find out more about our Manage It app.