Hi there!  

We know you're busy, so if you're looking for a very quick intro tour on how to get started with Get It Done, check out our nifty video:

For the slightly longer tour, read on!

We here at Marcucio.com (the makers of Get It Done app) love to be organized!  It's a necessity in this world of distractions and demands.  Unfortunately, we are not very organized people.  (Wait, what??!!?)  We know, sad, but true.  That's why we picked up the book, Getting Things Done (GTD), by David Allen.  And that's why we built Get It Done app.  We wanted a simple tool that doesn't need a large training manual to get started.  Oh, and we also wanted:

Our main take away from GTD is to get everything out of your head and onto paper (or into Get It Done app).  Then it's all about filing those tasks away until you have a list of items you really need to focus on today.  Just today.  Because really, mental energy is finite and should be spent wisely.

Get It Done app is simple and easy to use.  We aim to keep it that way.  Through the years we have added more features (completely customer-driven) all the while still maintaining our simplicity.  So if you don't understand the feature, no biggie.  It's not going to stop you from using the app.  

Having said that, if you have some time to kill, here are the top 3 features that will make the biggest impact so you can get things done more efficiently!  Click on their links to read more.

  • Focus Areas (as explained in the video) are really the biggest concept you need to know to get started with Get It Done.  
  • Areas are a way to separate your worlds (example: Personal vs Business).  
  • Tags are a way to filter your task list.  

Got even more time to kill?  Poke around our other support articles (we worked really hard on them).  Don't see what you're looking for?  Write to us by submitting a ticket.  We'd love to hear from you.  We have real people who use the app (for real) and are happy to help and even provide suggestions regarding your specific case.  

Happy organizing!